We don’t like having our photos taken; how should we pose?
This is extremely common, especially with the males. Don’t worry, my job is to make you feel comfortable and relaxed! For the most part of the day, I shoot in an entirely candid fashion. After all it’s not about you posing for me, I am there to capture your day. For your location shots, I will give you both some loose direction and tips but most of all I encourage you to just be yourselves!

What camera do you use?
I’m a Canon woman and shoot with a 5D Mark III. I have a wide range of quality L series lenses to capture every angle. I also have a Canon flash, although mainly use natural light where possible.

Do you travel for Weddings?
Absolutely! My Wedding package prices are quoted for weddings within the Adelaide region ranging from Victor Harbor to Barossa and the Adelaide Hills. I also photograph weddings interstate and overseas. Please contact me for further details.

Should we organise to meet with you before our big day?
I love to meet my clients before their big day, not only to talk about the wedding but also to get to know them. Your photographer is with you most of your day so you want to be able to have fun and ensure you get along with them. Whether it’s for a coffee or a wine, it is a good chance to ask me questions also. If this is not possible, we can always tee up a skype date.

Do you have a second photographer?
I usually photograph weddings by myself and find I can cover the important moments, but if you feel that one is not enough, I can provide a second experienced photographer.

When should I book?
Most people book 1 year in advance, so it is best to book as soon as you know your date! In saying that, it is worth a try so contact me to see if your date is available.

How does the payment work? Do you require a deposit?
A deposit of $400 is required to secure your date. The remaining payment can be made any time up until a week prior to your big day. Payment plans can also be arranged on request.

When can I expect to see my images?
Photography is my full time job so the advantage of that is you are likely to have your beautiful images back sooner than a lot of other photographers. In saying that, I like to spend the time needed to ensure they are perfect. You can expect to receive your images approximately 4-8 weeks after your wedding date.

Do you give us a Time plan of the day?
Once I have the information of times for your big day, I like to create a mini Time plan for the photography on the day. This is to help me be organised and keep things on track from my end. You will receive a copy of this of course.


What should my family and I wear to a photo session?
Wearing one of your favourite outfits is a good idea; something that you love and feel good in. You also need to be comfortable, as you will be playing with the kids. Patterns in general can clash so I would suggest plain colours. It can be fun to let the kids have a say in what they wear-perhaps let them pick one thing to wear for the fun shoot.

Can I bring props?
Of course you can! All of my photo sessions are personalised to you. If you or your family has something sentimental you would like to include in your shoot by all means bring it along. I will have a number of props for the session that we can also work with although most family sessions on location don’t require many props.

My partner and I don’t like being in front of the camera; how should we pose?
As you hopefully already know, my style is very natural and candid. It is my job to help you feel relaxed and comfortable whilst getting your photo taken. I will help give you some loose direction but overall I encourage you to just be yourselves.

I want to book a newborn session; what are some tips to help my baby sleep?
I would advise giving your newborn a feed just before the session. If you live far from my studio, feel free to feed them on arrival. Newborns usually get sleepy after a feed and don’t worry, you can always give them a top up during the session; that’s why I make the sessions 1.5 hours. If you know a time of day your baby usually sleeps well, book it for then. The studio is nice and warm which also helps with sleepiness.

When should I book my Maternity and Newborn session?
Maternity photo sessions are best done around the 34 week mark. Don’t worry you may feel big and unattractive but pregnancy is a truly beautiful thing to capture and it is my job to capture images from flattering angles. Newborn sessions are best done 5-14 days after birth while they are small and sleep easily. For both sessions please book in advance to avoid disappointment of missing out on times.